Program Management & Owner Representation

Our Program Management team ensures the success of large, complex, multi-phase facility development/expansion programs. We are proud to be recognized for our exceptional expertise, proven successes, and innovative solutions to each new program challenge.

Our carefully designed processes and systems were developed for the sole purpose of optimizing value during facility improvements, consolidations, and expansion programs. With the many key decisions that are necessary, we offer the people and support systems in place to ensure that all of the important variables are best managed.

The FVM approach to Program Management is proactive, collaborative, and disciplined, with a continual focus on providing optimum value for the overall life of the facilities. This will help ensure you meet your specific objectives, related to the overall efficiency and viability of your business operations.
We are a leader in Program Management because we are committed to results. We are not looking to achieve a good solution with your facility, but rather the very best solution. There is a difference, and we work hard to help make sure the best decisions are made each step of the way.

Through carefully selected partners, we can offer and oversee the following as your Program Manager:

  • Comprehensive Facility Assessments
  • Market Analyses
  • Sustainable Facility Solutions
  • Value Optimization Studies
  • Complete Planning, Architectural, and Engineering Services
  • Facility Information Modeling Services
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Owner Representative Services
  • Construction Management
Feasibility Assessments

Whether your facility was recently completed in the last several years or has been in service for decades, knowing how to effectively operate and maintain this capital investment is paramount.

As operational and maintenance costs continue to rise, conducting regular Feasibility assessments will reveal any system deficiencies, inefficiencies, or areas that require remediation to maintain the building’s form, function, and integrity. Facility Value Management will perform:

  • On-site assessments of entire buildings, exterior hardscapes and landscape areas
  • System-specific evaluations to address problematic recurring issues.
  • Review of as-built or record documentation.
  • Inventories of major equipment & systems Retro-commissioning
  • Development of customized schedules, operations & maintenance manuals
  • Facility operations, maintenance, & equipment training
  • Reserve and replacement studies

Our guiding principles are to provide:

  • Well developed plans and schedules for action
  • Long-term advisement that will lessen the stress and anxiety that often accompanies unexpected maintenance projects by planning for them proactively.
Strategic Planning

Every organization has a mission. Realizing that successes do not happen independent of a well developed and executed strategy, Facility Value Management maintains that facility planning, construction, and maintenance activities are process-driven endeavors that directly benefit from the establishment of best practices refined through continuous improvement initiatives.

Our team helps organizations maximize value and minimize waste in ways that complement their culture through:

  • Mission Development and Refinement
  • Program, project and task-specific planning
  • Independent progress review & oversight
  • Establishment of LEAN principles and processes

FVM knows how to direct the Strategic Planning and Development Process so that your project or business plan has the momentum it needs to remain effectively guided for continual success.

Design Management

The integration of a project’s needs into a planning program and design charette is challenging. Facility Value Management offers relevant experience from the design, preconstruction, and contracting communities in one single source to perform a series of critical project planning and design functions including:

  • Site Selection Services
  • Building & MEP System Studies
  • Programming, Schematic, and Design-Development Progress Budgeting
  • Space Allocation Planning
  • Multi-use/occupancy classification programming
  • Research of federal, state, and local project requirements
  • Future project considerations; expansion, renovation, addition studies
  • RFQ/RFP Selection Process Facilitation for A/E Services

Our guiding principles for Planning & Design are to deliver:

  • Design solutions that meet and exceed your expectations with respect to program and budget.
  • Value-driven oversight that remains abreast of industry best practices and the state of the art.
  • Awareness that the decisions we make today have a lasting impression for generations.
Risk Management

Every decision made has perceived and inherent risks. Our goal as a professional services organization is to help our clients identify, manage, and mitigate risks as they relate to their real estate investments. Services we can offer in this respect include:

  • Contractor & occupational safety program development & administration
  • Contract management
  • Budget & schedule oversight
  • Quality-control assessments
  • Crisis management planning
  • Risk Management program development

With the knowledge and experience necessary to provide independent consultation for our clients’ long term protection, we feel a partnership with Facility Value Management provides added benefits because:

  • We can assess several areas of known facility risks that would otherwise require the procurement of experts in mutliple specialites.
  • It is our mission to plan and provide for overall protection of your assets from their conceptual and pre-planning stages through construction and their operational life.
Team Building & Inclusion Plan Management

Facility construction and ongoing management requires the efforts of many individuals and organizations in order to be successful. Accordingly, a team approach is necessary to provide for the most rewarding and beneficial experience. Facility Value Management is true to our name and can serve as an excellent resource for the oversight and administration of:

  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Partnering sessions
  • Public / private ventures
  • EBE / MBE / DBE optimization & participation in projects
Facilities Management

Properly managing a facility throughout its lifecycle requires thorough planning and prudent execution to ensure the equipment and systems are optimized for the greatest benefits to all stakeholders and occupants.

Whether a management or operations & maintenance team is already in place or an owner is looking for a fresh perspective, our team can offer consultation, directives, and solutions specific to any circumstances. Examples of facility management services may include:

  • Existing Service Evaluations
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Training Services
  • Management & Maintenance Procurement
  • Reserve Advisement & Stewardship
  • Building Information Modeling / Technology Integration
Sustainable, LEED & Energystar Project Management

Sustainability is a concept that permeates every facet of society. Today, commercial buildings consume 70% of the nation’s energy. In response to this, building codes are requiring strict adherence to requirements that will help lower energy consumption for new construction and major renovation. The fact remains that there are also billions of square feet of existing facilities that were constructed and commissioned prior to the implementation of these guidelines. As energy costs continue to rise and concerns on how buildings affect the environment are expressed, facility owners and planners are looking for ways to build, operate, and maintain their investments in the most efficient/cost-effective and eco-friendly manners possible.

Facility Value Management understands the green movement and is able to advise and assist our clients on a series of sustainable practices and initiatives including:

  • Administration of LEED for New Construction, Commerical Interiors, Core & Shell, and Existing Building Operation & Maintenance
  • Conducting facility and project-specific sustainability assessments, building energy efficiency auditsm, payback analyses, etc.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for implementation of new systems, retrofits and upgrades.
  • Researching grants, rebates, tax deductions, and other available cost-saving incentives.
  • Implementation strategies for sustainability recommendations.
  • Outlining green operations and maintenance guidelines (cleaning, purchasing, systems management/controllability)
  • Sustainability awareness training and educational seminars

Our guiding principles for green facility planning & development are:

  • Sustainability is available at every budget level
  • The triple bottom line: Sustainability is right and done with regard for people, the environment, and fiscal responsibility



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